What Is the Difference Between Brand Promotion Team and News Media?

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This is a content of my Advertising 4.0, so I pick up the key difference to talk it.

The brand promotion team, which covering products, local brands, Party brands, etc. has its main characteristics as I said before, it is a front and fashionable team mainly analyzes the current problems, find out the countermeasures to solve the problems, and then publishes calls, suggestions, and imagination for the future.

Relatively speaking, the news media is so conservative and backward. Although it is called news, it has to report what has happened. For those what has not happened, it cannot guess, predict in advance, depth, or make a conclusion. The big difference is that the news media cannot look forward to the future than the brand promotion team.

When you see the biggest difference between the two, you must understand why I dare to criticize someone like to flatter. If a team that does not solve problems but wants to cover them up is impossible to last for a long time. People do not like it. Especially, they are indeed going in the wrong direction, and they are well aware of it and deliberately flirt.

The eyes of the customers are bright and their hearts are like mirrors. How dare you tell lies with your eyes open?

In term of promotion team, we should really learn form revolutionary team. Because there are modern team, a forward-looking team, and a problem-solving team. On the contrary everything is good and everything is right like those flatters say, your customers will have no enthusiasm and the competitors will not be afraid of you.

So, I suggest you take a look at the advertisement in the revolutionary era to see if they are professional and fashionable. I found they often have clear direction, firm belief, distinctive characters, and full of dynamic.

What is really important for the Advertising 4.0?

No matter you are member of brand promotion team, or new media team, how to keep a good communication with target people is very necessary.

So, how should we communicate? My summary of three levels: 1) Sincerity, like speaking to your intimate friend; 2) Efficient, straightforward, no avoidance, no waste of time; 3) Happy, not pretend not rigid, but amuse each other is best.

Once someone said that you are so kind, how can you be so good? I know that the truth is that they want to say you are too stupid, how can you be so stupid.

Faced with this kind of problem, I usually laugh it off. In fact, my inner activity is to take heart to heart, do everything possible, and listen to the destiny. In addition, what else can I do? Every family has its own troubles.

Sometimes, the communication is useless. I really don’t want to explain to others. I said, there is a mental patient in my family, do you believe it? He will have problems at any time, will run around and shout, and stir your work and life into a mess, do you believe it?


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